Best Cycling Tips For Beginners

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Cycling is a healthy as well as adventurous sport. If you have recently started cycling, it may turn out to be an overwhelming experience. Riding a cycle should be a fun activity and you can make it more enjoyable by following a few simple tips.

Below are some of the tips that you should consider with a view to improving your cycling experience.

Adjust the Seat Height

Low seat height can cause trouble when going out for a long trip. Most of the beginners experience pain in their knee, which is a result of wrong posture or low seat height. You need to avoid this common mistake.

Try to keep your seat at the right height, it will add more comfort and confidence when cycling. It will also avoid any chances of getting yourself hurt due to wrong saddle height.

Offer Regular Maintenance to your Bike

You don’t need to learn technical skills with a view to maintaining your bike. This is so, as routine maintenance is a simple and hassle-free procedure. For instance, regular maintenance requires lubing your chain, clean it and tighten the loose bolts.

Moreover, keep the tires inflated by putting the required amount of air into them. It will make your ride secure and a lot easier. Besides, it also increases the overall lifespan of the tires.

Avoid Testing your Limits

Trying to cover more distances during the first few rides is the biggest cause of injuries. Hence, don’t test your limits while still mastering the art of cycling. The best option here is to start with short distances and build up your stamina slowly.

Always Keep a Patch Kit with You

Patch Kit

No matter whether you are going on a short or long ride, carrying a patch kit is highly recommended. Moreover, you should also learn how to patch the tube or change it. Always carry spare tire levers and mini pump.

It will give you the independence to go one your own and explore new areas without any fear of getting stuck. It hardly takes less than 15 minutes to change a tube or fix it using your patch kit.

Gears are your Best Friend

Even if you are new to cycling, you must have heard that gears are your best friends. This is true, especially when you are climbing a hill. Gears allow you to get most out of your paddling when you actually need it.

Besides, you can cruise at high speed by keeping your bike on top gears. However, you must have an idea that when to use such gears. It’s not rocket science, as you can learn about the gears after practicing for a while.

Don’t Forget to Refuel yourself

While cycling, your body is the only power source. Hence, make sure to refuel your body after a while. For instance, if you are planning to ride for an hour, make sure to bring a water bottle with you. On the other hand, long trips burn a lot of calories, requiring you to bring some snacks too.

Failure to replenish your body may cause hypoglycemic state. As a result, you may feel fatigued or tired just after an hour of starting your trip.