Grand Tours – The Most Famous Cycling Events in the World

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Cycling is one of the most popular sports all over the world. In the United States, cycling is arguably the second most love sport right after soccer. There are a lot of cycling events been organized for centuries. Few of these events are well known all over the world and people wait for them eagerly. Grand Tours (Cycling) are the most popular cycling events in the world. There are three Grand Tours (cycling) which includes Tour de France, Giro D’Italia, and Vuelta an España In this article, we are going to highlight the facts related to grand tours.

Tour de France

Schedule: It’s an annual event conducted in July.

Duration: 23 Days

Arguably, Tour de France is the most popular cycling event in the world. The tournament started back in 1903. In the first event, there were 60 cyclists with 21 crossing the final line. The average length of the course is 2200 miles.

The event consists of 21 different stages spread over 23 days. Usually, there are 20 teams with eight cyclists in each team. When it comes to Tour de France, every other cycling event is training for the participants. As per the organizers, there were more than 12 million spectators on roads to watch the event in real time. However, the figure goes to 3.5 billion when you include digital viewers.

Giro D’Italia

Schedule: It’s an annual event conducted in May.

Duration: 21 Days

When you discuss the world’s cycle racing tournaments, you can never ignore Giro D’Italia. The mountain stages of the event are pure entertainment. The beautiful weather with freezing rain or snow at mountains adds to the thrill. The 2200 miles event is definitely a must to watch if you are in Italy during the event.

The top 18 UCI teams are automatically invited to the event every year. The organizers also invited 4 wildcard professional teams. Each time can have 8 to 9 players depending on the rule. The show is telecasted in almost 184 countries with millions of followers.

Vuelta a España

Schedule: It’s an annual event conducted in August and September.

Duration: 21 Days

Vuelta a España is the youngest cycling grand tour. The three-week long event started back in 1935, which consist of 21 stages. The event has been ignored by top cyclists due to its late schedule. However, you can expect some surprises as few top cyclists often join it to train themselves after injuries or prepare for the next championship. The tournament is often referred as training for the world championships. This 2200 miles event is a delight to enjoy if you are in Spain.


Tour de France can definitely be named as the most famous cycling grand tour of the world. It has more viewers as compared to other grand tours. Also, most of top UCI teams participate in this event. In fact, they treat the other two grand tours as training events.