Tips for Beginner Cyclists

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In the past century, the world has seen a large number of people have started riding cycles rather than a motorbike or a car. People are getting aware of the benefits associated with cycling. Cycling doesn’t only help you in various manners but also help the environment. It’s also an amazing way for you to get in shape, while helping the environment.  That’s a double whammy.

If you are also a person who is thinking of using a cycle, you have landed at the very right place. In this article, I am about to share some tips regarding how to improve your cycling experience.

Buy a Proper Bike

Depending on your body size, you must choose a bike which suits you. A bike which fits you will give you less pain while having a ride. There are a lot of guides online which tells you about the best bike for you.

Helmet – No Excuses

When it comes to cycling deaths, sixty percent of people die because of a head injury. Most of these injuries can be avoided simply by wearing a helmet. Make sure you always wear a helmet and the same goes for your loved ones.

Gear Use

Using the right gear is going to reduce your stress and improve your overall cycling experience. While climbing a hill, you must use a low gear. Play around with gears while riding and you will understand it.

No High Gears for a Long Time

No matter you are riding on a smooth road, make sure you don’t use a high gear all the time. It is recommended to maintain an RPM between 70 and 90.

No Headphones

It’s not a gym cycle! There is a habit of hearing to music or any other audio while cycling, which is not to going to help you. With the music turned on, there are high chances you will not listen to vehicle horns in case of an emergency.

Road Laws

There are different road laws for bikers in different parts of the world. Try to get a relevant guide and have a quick read before getting onto the road. Pay attention to cars around so you can anticipate their next move.

Change Your Position

When you are riding a little too far, try to relax your body with changing your position frequently. Change the position of your rear end and hands as soon as you feel stress in the muscles.

Don’t Look Down

Make sure you are always looking in front as far as you can see to react quickly in an emergency situation. Also, try to avoid any sharp object on the road as it can damage the skinny cycle tire. You might end up carrying your bike while walking on the road in case of ignorance.

Proper Saddle

Having the right saddle will make your ride comfortable. Thickly padded saddle looks comfortable at once but it’s not true. Go for a longer seat with a cutout.

In the end, cycling is great for your health and the environment. Try to avoid a motor vehicle as much as possible.